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Jeff Carroll

Jeff B. Carroll was born deaf in Cincinnati, OH, and was raised in a very loving hearing family.  Upon graduation from the Kentucky School for the Deaf in 1986, he entered Gallaudet University, where he at first majored in engineering and architecture.  He ultimately graduated with a BA in Studio Art in 1994.

Mr. Carroll has worked as an instructor at the Interpreter Training Program at Cincinnati State College for 2 years now.  He also works as a freelance artist, working mainly in plaster and oil from a small studio in his house in Bromley, KY.  Most recently, he has been working on developing a series of plaster sculptures for an exhibition this summer.

Artist's Statement

"The first time I did plaster was at Gallaudet during a class project under Paul Johnston. Four or five of us was involved in a plaster cast project –three life size full length free standing pieces 'Deaf President Now.' It was a very difficult project and never thought I would be working with plaster again. Three years later in 1997 the Kentucky Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing commissioned me to create a Deaf-related piece that would serve also as an award for an employee. Plaster came immediately to mind this time even though I was more of a painter during that time. I guess that's how I got started again with plasters which I believe is an excellent three dimensional way to show Deaf culture and sign language."