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This directory is limited to artists who have participated in the Deaf Artists' Exhibits of 1993, 1995 and 1999, and in the National Touring Exhibit of Deaf Culture Art.

An inactive link - a name that does not lead to further information - indicates that the artist has not yet granted permission for publication of biographical information at this site.

Links to artists' webpages are contained in the biographical page when the artist has so requested.


Chuck Baird

Irene Bartok

Uzi Buzgalo

James Canning

Jeff Carroll

Connie Clanton

Randy Dunham

Susan Dupor

Paul Johnston

Tony Landon McGregor

Thad C. Martin

Betty G. Miller

Ralph R. Miller

Elizabeth A. Morris

Victor Notaro

Joan Popovich-Kutscher


Tracey Salaway

Orkid Sassouni

Paul Setzer

Ann Silver

Ethan Sinnott

Dawn Skwersky

Marjorie Stout

Eddie Swayze

Robin Taylor

Mary Thornley

Ron Trumble

Sandi Inches Vasnick

Alex Wilhite

Harry R. Williams

Guy Wonder