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We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the following:

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, for their financial support.

Northeastern University Trustees Chet Krentzman and Stanley Young, for their financial support.

Participating artists and individuals for agreeing to loan artworks to the touring exhibit. Appreciation goes to past participating artists too for allowing us to post information about previous exhibitions.

Touring exhibit participating artists: Chuck Baird, Irene Bartok, Uzi Buzaglo, Susan Dupor, Paul Johnston, Thad C. Martin, Tony Landon McGregor, Betty G. Miller, Joan Popovich-Kutscher, Orkid Sassouni, Ann Silver, Marjorie Stout, Robin Taylor, Sandi Inches Vasnick, Alex Wilhite, and Harry R. Williams.

Individuals loaning artworks to the touring exhibit: Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Bruce, DawnSignPress, Jaime Harter, Tom Humphries & Carol Padden, Sandi Inches Vasnick, Betty G. Miller, Susan Rutherford, Clayton Valli, Steven and Nancy Bock and family, Dennis and Dorene Tully, and j. david mccloskey.

Special thanks to 10-year-old Jaime Harter and her parents for allowing the use of Chuck Baird's Art No. 2 to create the posters for the touring exhibit.

Advisory Board members Dr. Deborah Sonnenstrahl, former chair, Art Department, Gallaudet University; Dr. Benjamin Bahan, Chair, Deaf Studies Department, Gallaudet University; Elizabeth Cromley, Chair, Dept. of Art and Architecture, Northeastern University; Barbara Jean Wood, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing; Susan Becherer, Outreach Specialist, Center for the Arts, Northeastern University; Elsa Nunez, Provost, Lesley College, Boston for providing support to the touring exhibit.

John Dunleavy for assisting with the editing of all past exhibit brochures and with the design and implementation of this web site.

Professor Geoffrey Koetsch of the Art Institute of Boston and former Professor Debbie Sonnenstrahl who got Brenda Schertz started on the research of Deaf View/Image Art.

Jane Nunes at Northeast Technical Assistance Center at Northern Essex Community College for being a great working partner for the very first exhibit Brenda Schertz organized in 1993.

Kathy Vesey at Gallaudet University Regional Center at Northern Essex Community College for supporting the development of Brenda Schertz's career in organizing Deaf Artists' Exhibits in 1993 and 1995.

Harlan Lane for his encouragement and support for the concept of this Touring Exhibit of Deaf Culture Art.

Rita Straubhaar and Sr. Carole Costello of the LINKS Program for their contribution towards the cost of the exhibit catalog.

We would like to acknowledge the support of our touring exhibit sponsors:

Seattle, WA
Robert Roth, currently of DCARA, who initated contact with the Bank of America Gallery.

Peggy Weiss and Jennifer Mills at the Bank of America Gallery for supporting and making arrangements for the Seattle exhibit to happen at the gallery.

Laura Cospito at HSDC for assisting with outreach, organizing some programs, her wonderful enthusiasm and for arranging the sale of exhibition posters through HSDC.

Molly McQuire and Karen Carlson from Sign On Interpreting Services, Valerie Manucci, Marta Mulholland, Carol Brown-Wollin, Cynthia Wallace for donating interpreting services.

Eric Scheir, Nat Wilson, Adam Novsam, Stephen Kimble and Angelina Arellano for volunteering their time as tour guides to many groups that had visited the exhibit.

Special thanks to Debbie Ennis for recruiting tour guides, supporting Peggy Weiss and Jennifer Mills on outreach efforts, and volunteering many hours of her time as a tour guide.

Rochester, NY
Robert Baker, Director of Special Events and Visitations, NTID for his enthusiasm in sponsoring the touring exhibit at NTID.  Frank Kruppenbacher, Department and Marketing Communications at NTID for providing publicity for the Rochester exhibit.

Miami, FL
Steve Larew, Director, Gallaudet University Regional Center at Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL in agreeing to host the Florida exhibit.  Taras Denis, Meme Kerr Mitchell and Howard Watson for providing community support to the exhibit.

St. Paul, MN
Sharaine Rawlinson, Midwest Center for Postsecondary Outreach at St. Paul Technical College for agreeing to host the St. Paul exhibit.

Boston, MA
American Sign Language Program and Student Center and Activities at Northeastern University for providing administrative support and space for the exhibit.  VSA Arts of Massachusetts, for financial contribution towards the Boston site of the touring exhibit.

Lexington, KY
Bobbie Beth Scoggins, Executive Director and Virginia Moore at Kentucky Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, for sponsoring the Lexington and Covington, KY exhibit sites.

San Jose, CA
Dr. Susan Rutherford, Executive Director of DEAF Media, Inc and Robert Roth, Executive Director of DCARA for enthusiastic support of the San Jose site of the touring exhibit.