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Opening Reception
Each exhibit site is encouraged to make the opening reception a big event and invite all people to attend. Color postcard mailers announcing the exhibit with an artist's work on the glossy side is encouraged. The exhibit site can add a local flavor by giving a brief entertainment by local Deaf performers. ASL poetry, storytelling or dance performances are some suggestions. Please invite local VIPs, local Deaf artists, and local press. We can provided guided tours of the exhibit during the reception.

Conversations with Deaf Artists
This is a workshop with a panel of Deaf Artists who may or may not be represented in the exhibit. This is an opportunity to meet the artists, to see them talk about their work, and to ask questions. A list of sample panel questions will be provided.

Lectures on Deaf Art by National Authorities
Brenda Schertz, Paul Johnston, Chuck Baird, Betty G. Miller and Deborah Sonnenstrahl can give lectures on Deaf Art. Presenter's fees will be provided on request. (Brenda Schertz's presentation will be provided at no cost during the first week of the exhibit).

Guided Tours
Each exhibit site will be asked to recruit volunteers (or paid with a honorarium) to give guided tours for students from programs for the Deaf in area high schools and colleges. Recruited guides will explain how each work is related to the Deaf experience, along with the aesthetics of each artwork. Brenda Schertz will provide text and training for guides. We will need to schedule the training before the opening reception.  Each exhibit site is encouraged to schedule at least a few guided tours.

An Evening of Short Films
There are videotapes showing film work by Deaf people about the Deaf experience that will not be part of the exhibit. We can present an evening of short films at a total of approximately 60 minutes of viewing time. Videotapes will be made available upon request.

Poster Signing Session
We will be selling posters with Chuck Baird's Art No. 2. You may want to invite Chuck Baird to sign the posters and give a lecture as well.

Sale of Posters, Catalogs and Deaf Art Instruction Portfolios
Posters, catalogs, and Deaf Art instruction portfolios (with slides, catalog, descriptions of each work and curriculum suggestions) will be for sale. We may want to schedule sessions when we would be selling these items. We will ship these items to you, and agree on payment terms.

Additonal materials for sale
DawnSignPress is selling Chuck Baird's 35 Plates. You may contact DawnSignPress directly and request them to ship Chuck Baird's books.  Please contact Cynde Hale at Dawn Sign Press at 1-800-549-5350 Voice/TTY, from 8 am to 4 pm Pacific time.