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This page contains a comprehensive listing of all works in the National Touring Exhibit.  Text descriptions of all works are here.  If you would like to view a selection of representative works from this exhibit, click here.

Chuck Baird
Heart, 1999, mixed media, 14x17
Please But, 1999, wood, 11x36x24 (Courtesy of Susan Rutherford)
Art No. 2, 1994, acrylic, 24x30 (Courtesy of Jaime Harter)
Crocodile Dundee, 1992, acrylic, 24x30 (Courtesy of DawnSignPress)

Irene Bartok
Divine Power, 1996, photograph,18x20

Uzi Buzaglo
Color in Wind,1997, acrylic on paper, 30x35
In the Light, 1997, acrylic on paper, 30x40
Long Night, 1997, acrylic on paper, 29x36
I Want to Ride, 1997, acrylic on paper, 33x38 (Courtesy of Steven and Nancy Bock and family)
Hard Move, 1999, acrylic on paper, 32x 39

Susan Dupor
Narcissus and Swallows, 1999, oil on masonite, 32x21
Delavan, Wisconsin, 1891, 1999, oil on masonite, 13x9.25 diptych (Courtesy of Dennis and Dorene Tully)
Narcissus, 1999, oil on masonite, 27x19
Pussy, 1994, oil on masonite, 30x13 (Courtesy of j. david mccloskey)
I interesting hamster, 1993, oil on masonite, 49x49.5
Family Dog, 1991, acrylic on canvas, 56x57

Paul Johnston
Poetic Hand I, 1998, watercolor, 22x29 (Courtesy of Clayton Valli)
Poetic Hand II, 1998, watercolor, 22x29 (Courtesy of Betty G. Miller)
Unity of Communication,1998, watercolor, 34x26
Energy of Language, 1998, watercolor, 26x34
Theory of Language, 1998, watercolor, 26x34

Thad C. Martin
Articulatus (Read My Lips), 1994, ceramic, 34x78x48 (all 6 heads)
Articulatus, detail, "ooo", 1994, ceramic, 30x22x8
Articulatus, detail, "ahh", 1994, ceramic, 36x20x20
Articulatus, detail, "err", 1994, ceramic, 28x22x11
Articulatus, detail, "ege", 1994, ceramic, 34x23x8
Articulatus, detail, "mmm", 1994, ceramic, 32x27x10
Articulatus, detail, "uhhh", 1994, ceramic, 27x18x13

Tony McGregor
Southwestern Fishes, 1999, wood-burned gourd, 9x12.5 (Courtesy of Steven and Nancy Bock and family)
Three Southwestern Signs, 1999, wood-burned gourd, 18x12.5 (Courtesy of Steven and Nancy Bock and family)

Betty G. Miller
Bell School, 1944, 1972, oil/mixed media,36x36 (Courtesy of Tom Humphries and Carol Padden)
Ameslan Prohibited, 1972, ink on paper, 23x15 (Courtesy of Sandi Inches Vasnick)

Joan Popovich-Kutscher
Confusion of Mood, 1999, etching/aquarelle on handmade paper, 10x10
Point on Art, 1999, etching/aquarelle on handmade paper, 10x10
Symbols in Art, 1999, etching/aquarelle on handmade paper, 13x13
Point Lose Class, 1994, etching/aquarelle on handmade paper, 7x7
Final Out only Deaf, 1989, etching/aquarelle on handmade paper, 15x17
Effect Point, 1993, etching/aquarelle on handmade paper, 7x7

Orkid Sassouni
Being Deaf and Free-Spirits, 1998-99, book of photographs, 3.5x4.5 photos in 8x8 book

Ann Silver
Deaf Identity Crayons: Then and Now, 1999, mixed media, 20x16
Kellogg's Deaf Studies, Not Pathology, 1996, mixed media, 16x20
Will The Real Goya Please Stand Up?, 1996, mixed media, 20x16
Hearing-Impaired: Wrong Way, Deaf: Right Way, 1992, mixed media, 20x16
Deaf & Dumb 1903, Deaf, 1993, 1993, mixed media, 16x20

Marjorie Stout
Black and White: Deafness With Noise, 1990, acrylic, 36x48
Sound, 1990, acrylic, 36x48

Robin Taylor
Avenue of Loss, 1998, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Copper on Marble base, 15x12x8 (Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bruce)

Sandi Inches Vasnick
Silence, 1989, batik, 21x16

Alex Wilhite
Camera, 1999, acrylic on canvas, 24x18
Kiln, 1999, acrylic on canvas, 24x18
Red Sea, 1999, acrylic on canvas, 24x18
Spaced of Wings, 1998, acrylic on canvas, 18x80
Waterstream II, 1999 acrylic on canvas, 80x18

Harry R. Williams
A Violin Becomes an Artist, 1983, oil on wood, 18x40x1 (Courtesy of Betty G. Miller)