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Randy Dunham

Randy Dunham, a native of Troy, NY, began drawing early and never stopped.  When he was 7, his older brother gave him a How-to-Draw book, which introduced him to a more technical approach.  He began working in oil and acrylic when he was 13.  His favorite painters include the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali and the American painter and illustrator Maxfield Parrish, who was "a strong influence on color."

Mr. Dunham attended seven different public schools before entering the New York State School for the Deaf in Rome.  At Rome, "my greatest teacher ... was Miss Kathy Sins, an RIT graduate."  He then went on to NTID/RIT, where he "learned a little about pastel," which, together with oil, is his favorite medium.

His stay at NTID was brief, and he then dabbled in real estate before setting up a short-lived custom framing and art shop.  He presently works in another framing shop.  Mr. Dunham has had successful shows in the Deaf Artists of America and Pyramid galleries.

Artist's Statement:

In 1988, "I started to [experiment].  I created lots of ideas and I got a little frustrated, but I persisted until I found the best image in general, now I'm staying with this sort of image.  ... I really love science, so I sort of put science in my art.  ... Right now I'm using a basic idea: reflection and refraction, through waterdrops, lens, mercury, and mirror over a landscape or seascape.  ... A mixing of science and art.  I don't think in terms of 'themes.'"