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Irene Bartok

Irene Bartok, presently a resident of New York City, was born in Venice, Italy.  She grew up in Paris, where she obtained her degree in Fashion Design from the Private School of Professional Studies.  She also studied at FIT in New York City.  However, her first love is photography.  Her passion is to capture the beauty in nature and architecture - their elements, shapes and spiritual essence.

Ms. Bartok plans to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology, for a two-year program in Digital Design and Interactive Media.  She wants to combine her photography with graphic arts, and to keep up with today's rapidly-changing technology.

Artist's Statement

"The fashion industry changes constantly while nature remains almost the same.  When I take pictures, it keeps my world in balance and keeps me in touch with nature.  Fashion is illusion; nature is reality.  In these pictures, the nature and architecture remain silent and their essence is revealed more powerfully."